Small donations, big impact.

736 million people live in extreme poverty. That’s 1 out of 10 people.
We are determined to change that and help end extreme poverty.


Being part of change shouldn’t be complicated! All In makes it simple, safe and easy to donate.


We only work with trustworthy, effective and evidence-based charities to maximize your impact. We ensure full transparency. We don’t want your donation to go to waste.

All In

We are different! We don’t take any fees so 100 percent of your donation goes to organizations fighting extreme poverty. Every penny is used to make a difference.


We engage you and help you engage others to understand and share the full impact of your action.

Our Partners & Projects

Cash for Refugees

Send money to refugees living in Uganda. Your donation is exclusively used for cash transfers to refugees.

Protect people from Malaria

20 SEK buys one net and protects 2 people, 100% of your donation buys nets.

Help fight coronavirus

Act now! 100% of your donation will go to the COVID19 Solidarity Response Fund for WHO

Dispensers for Safe Water

13 SEK provides one person with clean water for a full year.

Deworm the World Initiative

5 SEK will provide deworming pills for one child thereby improving their health and education.

End Malnutrition in Africa

2 SEK pays for one child’s lifesaving nutrients for an entire year, 100% of your donation buys nutrients.

Standard Cash Transfers

Send money directly to the extreme poor in Kenya. Your donation is exclusively used for cash transfers.
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